View of 22


Concrete beams, columns and floors,

Studio bays built into the design core.

Heavily grounded on the site,

The cantilevered roof is the design highlight.


Around the world students come to learn,

Eight months of Architecture teachings they yearn.

Through the main entrance, you walk into the street

Down the ramp and stairs to the atrium where everyone meets.


Across the main office is the piano spot,

Perfectly placed and out of tune is what you hear a lot.

During the day there are classes, the silence is tragic.

After seven o’clock is the when you hear the ivory magic.


Tucked between circulation and classroom, is the white box gallery,

It is open to the public displaying the students’ work and glory.

This space is filled with many artworks.

With a table in the center, it is also a place to do work.


Holding the center of the stage is the all purpose pit,

It is the building’s atrium space for everyone to sit.

On presentation days there is a hustle and bustle.

At night there are movies and performances, all for a good chuckle.


The performances and events are best seen at night.

In the day the street fills with students and light,

The mezzanine overlooks the pit and the street,

It is the best vantage point for students, the spot you can’t bet.


Red and Black stringers, lead you to the fourth floor,

At the top of the stairs is the fire door.

Students running around, up and down they go,

From the pit to class, they run to the studio.


Studio is where the students live, eat , breath Architecture,

Life at school is the best picture.

On the tables everyone gathers to work,

Analogue or digital, each student has their design quirk.


The space lets us us brainstorm ideas and form,

Everywhere you see students brewing a storm.

Strewn about are conceptual models and sketch paper,

Some ideas abandoned while other ideas grow stronger.


Students explore ideas through form and function,

Professors help polish the rough edges into gems for presentation.

This is the life of Architecture in the Building 22,

Please, step back and enjoy the view.


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