Blank Space’s #FairyTales2015

Blank Space is an online platform for architecture, founded in 2013 by Matthew Hoffman and Francesca Giuliani.  Through competitions, publications, and projects, exists the true power of architecture and a way for design to engage the public.

Blank Space’s second publication “Fairy Tales: When Architecture Tells A Story Volume II” includes the 24 best submissions that have been handpicked by the star-studded jury.

Check your preconceived ideas on architecture at the door and enter a magical universe where traditional rules don’t apply, and new ones are imagined. Engage in a kaleidoscopic collection of stunning images and gripping stories, daringly experimenting in the visual realm as well as in the storytelling field.

Blank Book Cover

Receiving an Honourable Mention is Azrieli’s very own Roger Connah (also published in Fairy Tales Volume I) who alongside JP Maruszcak and Ryan Manning produced the project: How You Can Rhino the Jingo Out of Everything and Architecture Gets More Than A Skin.


ONCE upon a time, on an uninhabited Brutalist serviscape buiding called The Archipelago on the shores of Lake Algonquin, there lived a Baba-Ji from whose Fedora the rays of the sun were reflected in more-than-oriental splendour.

As Baba-Ji was a Professor of By-Gone Architecture and Challenged Ideals, he lived by the lake with nothing but his hat and his G-Tec 0.4mm and a journal of onion paper that you must particularly never touch.

And one day he took pen and paper and cursor and pointer, powerpoint and prezi and made himself with the hlp of his partner Abba-Jan, one building which was two universe across and an earth thick.

It was indeed a Superior Rendering (that’s magic), and he put it on the concrete wall because he was allowed to touch the wall and feel the blood and sweat that had gone into this building so smeltly sentimental.


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