The Stantec Architecture prize for excellence is awarded annually by the Director of the School of Architecture on the recommendation of the Stantec Architecture Prize Selection Committee.  Recipients are selected based on excellence in their fourth year comprehensive studio project.  The selection is made by a committee consisting of three faculty members from the School of Architecture and two representatives to be determined by Stantec Architecture Ltd. Established 2007 by Stantec Architecture Ltd. 

The Comprehensive Studio addresses selected architectural questions through the detailed integration of concept, site analysis, building components, systems, structure, materiality, and logic of construction. The Studio tests the limits of architectural theory through both making and historical reflection and is indicative of the School’s ongoing commitment to the practice of architecture.

This year awards were given to 5 projects. Congrats to everyone nominated and to the awardees!

(click image to enlarge)


Yvonne Fu, Matthew McKenna

XYLEM (noun) The supporting and water conducting tissue of vascular plants

Landscape — Streetscape — Playscape

Within the context of the family-oriented residential fabric of Old Ottawa South, Xylem creates an intensified interpretation of the suburban street. An
emphasis is placed on grade access units with communal, pedestrian public space. As its namesake suggests, the development is defined by a continuous
ribbon of greenery. The ribbon provides communication and circulation for residences and is elevated one story above commercial units along Bank Street.
Wherever possible, interior circulation has been replaced by an extension of the exterior public realm. Xylem offers a sustainable, urban alternative to the
allure of suburbia.

Whole City

Carolyn Gillespie, Kamila Lukus, Ruth Xing

Hintonburg Toolbox

Andrej Iwanski and Jake Murray

Hintonburg is an eclectic community in Ottawa West with a history of blue collar residents and middle class civil servants living in the neighbourhood. The residents are proud of the area’s mixed demographic, thriving arts community and liveable character. Sandwiched between Westboro and Little Italy, Hintoburg is beginning to experience gentrification. The TOOLBOX is situated on a particularly attractive site – the eastern gateway of the community, at the intersection of Wellington West and Somerset West. The project draws from the neighbourhoods industrial character, and looks to a toolbox for inspiration. Monolithic buildings maintain the continuity of the traditional mainstreet edge, while mimicking the shell of a toolbox. Strong blocks on the site perimiter harbor functional disorganization within the site where the area’s arts community can thrive. A grade accessible green roof provides exciting public space, and blankets artist studios and gallery space below. Residential units are placed into the logical perimeter buildings, providing views outwards towards the street, and inwards to the green courtyard.


Daniel Kassel


Jenifer Milburn



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