Ottawa: The Third City – A Sketch For An Urban Laboratory

Where? The Dark Side (Fifth Floor of Building 22) Tuesday 16th December 1PM-6PM drop in

This is not really about individual student proposals run off at the dead of night to make deadlines, though such proposals are important. This is about suggesting ways for a civic (= urban) dialogue. These are both complmentary and contesting strategies. They intend to form an open methodology for an approach to Ottawa from a contemporary, even unsettled  and grittier way. This is not about super netflix renders of arenas on Lebreton Flats though the arena is a potential winner when it gets out of the sandbox games that will be played. The Third City is about commitment to the extent of being redundant, ignored, but untidily alive.

studio arch

          It is to bring the civic revolution this city needs off the back burner to the front.  Remember Fellini. And contest!

Ottawa is nothing if it doesn’t learn to contest itself.

To download our itinerary for final presentations click below:

Third City Poster_ARCU4909

The Third City

Azrieli Urbanism Studio 4909 Fall © 2014

Rui Zou, Sarah Chan, Victoria McCrum, Zach Woloshuk,

Michelle Blom, Ruth Vandergeest, Ranee Leung, Richa Chuttani

Professor Roger Connah Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism

Carleton University, Ottawa


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