Competition: Cycling Heaven: Sky Velodrome – TORONTO



This international competition challenges participants to design a new Cycling Heaven in the form of a Sky Velodrome Skyscraper as part of a unique investigation into possible vision for a sustainable recreational and cycling velodrome complex within such a vertical structure and mix-use context. The Skyscraper will serve as a mixuse commercial and office complex with a unique velodrome at the top.
The design should be visually and aesthetically engaging in contributing positively to the area with emphasis on the Velodrome at the top of this super structure. It should also maximise the positive impact of such a vertical structure whist minimising the negatives. It should respond directly to the issue of sustainable space creation and also address the social, environmental, cultural and economic issues together with concerns of construction of such a venue.
 Total Design Area: Open to participants
Total Plot Size:  16380 m2 (square meters) ELIGIBILITY:
· Architects
· Graduate Architects
· Architecture Students

· Engineers
· Designers
· Urbanist
· City Planners
· Landscape Architect
· Team (Architects, Graduate Architect, Architecture Students, Engineers, Designers, Urbanist, Planners, Landscape Architects)
For more information, click here

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