Can you prove that you will be the next great architect in just five days?

120 hours

5 days. 120 hours. 7200 minutes. 432000 seconds.
That is all the time you have to show what you’ve got.

The competition is 120 hours of intense work. Open for students from all over the world. You can either enter as a single person, or in teams of up to three persons working together.

The assignment will be released on February 17th 2014, at 14.00 (GMT+1) and from that point on you have 120 hours to work, work, work, before entry closes on Saturday 22th of February at 14.00 (GMT+1).

The sign up will close when the competition starts.

Remember that we are called 120 HOURS, so even though they are the nicest bunch of people, there is no mercy when it comes to the time limit.

If you are late, you are too late.

Registration is open NOW :


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