It’s time to bring out the inner web designer in you.

Blog22 is getting a new face lift and we need your help!

We need a new header for the blog, as well as a couple supporting images for branding.

So get creative – the only requirements are the dimensions. You can hand draw, photograph, laser cut and scan, photoshop, illustrate, — whatever.

This is an excellent opportunity to add a different form of design work into your portfolios!

Your submission will include:

1. Blog Header (will be seen on all pages)

Acceptable sizes:

940 pixels x 300 pixels (max height) – 150px preferred

*A higher quality raster image or scalable vector file is best

2. One large ‘carousel’ gallery image

(which would rotate with other blog post images)

Minimum 1500 pixels x 750 pixels

3. Additional branding images

i. Blog 22 logos

– Square dimensions. 200 pixels x 200 pixels maximum

ii. Footer images

Acceptable sizes:

960 pixels x 300 pixels (max height) – 150px preferred

1880 pixels x 300 pixels (max height) – 150px preferred.

iii. Any additional images you would think would be best for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Acceptable formats include .psd, .ai, .pdf, .eps AND please INCLUDE flattened rasterized .jpg/.png/.gif/.tiff images.

We recommend that you try your best to make your files very easy to work with. If you are selected and we need to resize or make minor modifications to your design, try to keep all of your layers!

Your work will of course be credited to you, but we may have to tweak the design (with your collaboration!) if we need to accommodate any theme changes.

Please submit all entries to the shareme folder titled: ‘! BLOG 22 Header Competition 2013’ or send a link to

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, November 21st at 11:59PM EST

On November 22nd (when we will preview the new look for Blog22) we will announce the winners for the header competition.


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