Three weeks ago I approached Luke, Shane and Peter about interviewing them for the blog. I had been thinking of bringing back the “22 QUESTIONS” section and knew they were the perfect subject. However, I wanted to do something new and interesting so a transition to video made sense. It took two tiring session, patience, trust and good humor to achieve this little video so we hope you enjoy!

Luke Boyd, Shane Dalke and Peteris Lasovzkis are currently finishing their 4rth year in the B.A.S Design program here at Carleton. You might recognize their names for they have won a couple of competitions hosted by the school. Some of them being the Murray & Murray drawing competition and the Stantec Award competition. Equally, they have participated in Art and Culture events such as the Nuit Blanche Festival and Milieux (click links for more information). Along with these achievements Luke, Shane and Peter have taken full advantage of what our school has to offer, by taking part of Exchange in 3rd year and working for the Student Design Clinic (a student run Architectural design organization that gives Carleton students the chance to try their skills in the real world). Recently, they have joined forces and decided to start a Architectural practice called “BLD” (named after their last names). This interview gives us an insight into the why and how of this decision as well as a taste of their experience at Carleton and Exchange in Berlin and England.

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The next time, I will be interviewing Building 22 editor Vance Fok and Assistant Editor Desirae Cronsberry. If you’d like to have your questions featured in the interview please send them to andreachiney@gmail.com with the subject 22questions!


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