The Inter-university Charrette, inaugurated in 1994, brings together students and recent graduates from a range of design disciplines to solve a problem relating to the urban environment. Participants come from programs in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, graphic design, environmental design and design art at various universities. The Charrette takes place over three days.

The 2013 Charrette, entitled TRANSMUTATION, invites young designers to question the future of the city in the age of information technologies. TRANSMUTATION encourages the production of new modes of representation regarding Montreal and its ability to adapt, transform and mutate according to economical transactions, social distributions, and political actions.

This year, 4rth year undergrad students Wyatt Armstrong and Gabriela Perez have submitted a proposal called “Information Infrastructure”  a.k.a  Entry #127

To Vote fro the and learn more about their project or the CCA Charette go to:

CCA Gabi_Wyatt-1

Information Infrastructure – #127

CCA Gabi_Wyatt-2


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