Architzer A+ Award

Professor and Colleague Paul Kariouk has received the honor of being selected as a finalist to receive the Architzer A+ Award! His work “Cemetery Marker” has landed under the “Institutional : Memorial” category as one of the best architecture of its kind across the world.

While the main Architzer A+ Award winner is selected by a panel of illustrious jury, the Architzer A+ Popular Choice Award is selected by the public. Here is where we can help!

YOU CAN VOTE FOR PAUL AND LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROJECT HERE : You only need a Facebook or Gmail account.


Paul Kariouk(right) Hannibal(left). Paul teaches Studio and a course on Landscape Architecture at Carleton while at the same time running the Architecture firm “Kariouk Associates”


Cemetery Marker

About Cemetery Marker

Before dying, a woman left a note for her children to be read after her death.  This note was less a will (she had nothing material to leave her children) than severalabstract wishes for them.  The sole request on her own behalf was that her gravesite becomes a garden.

The tops of her marker are inscribed with a stanza from Audre Lorde’spoem “Prologue”, reading“…The children remain like blades of grass over the earth and all thechildrenare singinglouder than mourning…And the grasses will still be singing.”  The sides of the marker are inscribed with the message the woman left for her children: “…Trust and joy must be the foundation of our family life.Kindness, responsibility, self-fulfillment, courage, and modesty are keys to a happy and satisfying life. Affection, a sense of beauty and poetry are life’s essentialinspiration and adornment…”

The five cast bronze plates of this marker spread over the site at varied heights above the earth, spaced to permit the grass to grow between. As the plates age, they oxidize and blend into the landscape.

About the Architzer A+ Award

More About Paul Kariouk


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