Annual Stantec Prize Winners

The Stantec Architecture prize for excellence is awarded annually by the Director of the School of Architecture on the recommendation of the Stantec Architecture Prize Selection Committee.  Recipients are selected based on excellence in their fourth year comprehensive studio project.  The selection is made by a committee consisting of three faculty members from the School of Architecture and two representatives to be determined by Stantec Architecture Ltd. Established 2007 by Stantec Architecture Ltd. 

The Comprehensive Studio addresses selected architectural questions through the detailed integration of concept, site analysis, building components, systems, structure, materiality, and logic of construction. The Studio tests the limits of architectural theory through both making and historical reflection and is indicative of the School’s ongoing commitment to the practice of architecture.

1st Prize : 417 Rideau

Luke Boyd, Shane Dalke

2nd Prize : YouCube

Mateusz Nowacki

(click image to expand)


2nd Prize: Ascend

Benoit Maranda

(click image to expand)

3rd Prize : Tim Burwell

(pending images)


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