Arch Medium has launched a new Student competition called : “Camelot Research and Visitor Center” It really reminds me of the projects we get for studio. So give it a go! All students are invited to participate.

“For this competition, you are being asked to build
a top-of-the-line research and amusement center
in South Cadbury, England, on the very same spot
that once was home to Camelot.”

Registration ends : April 15th 2013

Submission deadline: April 30th 2013

1st Prize:


•Publication in Wettbewerbe-Aktuell and Archiworld magazines.

•1 year of subscription to a magazine of your choice: FRAME/MARK/ELEPHANT, Domus, Architectural Review, Architectural Record, Arquitectura Viva, Arquine, Detail, Future arquitecturas.

•6 issues subscription to Arquitectura Viva magazine.

•Presentation at the London Roca Gallery Barcelona (ETSAB).

•Reviews in several architecture webs and blogs.

more information:


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