Emmanuel Combarel & Tania Concko – Lyon-Confluence: Milestones in Urban Planning / Oct 22 2012


On Monday, October 22nd, at 6PM in the Auditorium of the National Gallery of Canada, architects/urban planners Tania Concko and Emmanuel Combarel will discuss one of the most significant urban renewal initiatives in Europe: the Lyon-Confluence project in Lyon, France.

A formerly industrial area at the meeting of the Rhone and Saone rivers, the 150-hectare Lyon-Confluence project is one of the largest brownfield redevelopments in Europe. Over the past two dec

ades the area has been transformed into a vibrant, mixed-use centre and woven back into the fabric of Greater Lyon. In the process, the area’s exceptional riverfront landscapes have emerged as a major urban amenity.Architect/urban planners Emmanuel Combarel and Tania Concko will discuss a range of subjects related to their experiences working in Lyon. They will explain how, over the course of twenty years and a great deal of cooperation, Lyon-Confluence has managed to double the area of downtown Lyon and help the city to realize its ambitions as France’s third-largest city. In particular, they will address the following questions:How was Lyon able to create and absorb such a large new neighbourhood into its city centre? How did Lyon-Confluence manage to attract and integrate a broad range of uses (commercial, industrial, cultural, housing and leisure) to the area? What strategies were employed to showcase the site’s remarkable history and natural setting




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