Join the Building 22 Launch!

Hello all!
The second of 3 workshops on Kinecting Architecture and Technology will be taking place next week at Carleton University, likely in the Pit of the Building 22 (Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism) or in the 4th floor central area of the Azrieli Pavilion (aka Middle Earth).
August 29th, 6:00pm : Kinecting Architecture and Technology v.2
This workshop will continue the exploration into the world of the XBox Kinect and prepare several unique and exciting projects which will be completed for the showcase Building 22 Book Launch event on September 28th.  Attendees to this workshop will get an in-depth view into the coding of the Kinect using scripting language and learn how to work with:
  • Skeletons
  • Data points
  • Recording information
  • Loading this info and creating a web application
  • Build your own Kinect experiment
  • Apply the Kinect to future projects, both architectural and non-architectural.
The event posting is on our Workshops page:
Please feel free to attend this event, however a small donation of your choice will be requested for either the Building 22 Book Launch or for prototypeD (we love tools, supplies, blocks of solid gold, luxury sedans, and cute little drink umbrellas if that helps to give you some ideas of what to give).
As always if you cannot make it please help spread the ideas and share the workshop with your friends.
Please contact: if you are interested.

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