Directorship Research Committee wants your feedback

they are open to student feedback. you can either email them at:

or meet with them in one-on-one 15 min meetings
March 27th Tuesday 1.00-5.00
April 3rd Tuesday 1.00-5.00
April 9th Monday 9.00-1.00
April 10th Tuesday 9.00-1.00

sign up for this is on Wendy’s office door

They want to know what you would prefer for the next “interim director/director”

  1. immediate search for EXTERNAL director with an INTERNAL interim for 1-2 years during search
  2. INTERNAL director who nominates themselves and is put up for faculty vote
  3. INTERNAL director who has a choice of continuing their term after 2 years or conducting a longer term search for EXTERNAL director

Issues they want to be directly addressed when giving your feedback:

  1. Which option do you want from above and why
  2. qualities from the INTERIM director and why
  3. qualities from the DIRECTOR and why
  4.  IDEAS/INITIATIVES for future director to move the school FORWARD



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