its making its rounds

a demand for equality in the upcoming elections for acting director

transparency, communication and an open mind

we must let them know

that an election without the student vote

is one that is null and void

its strength comes from your support

so make your mark

this is the first step towards a better Carleton

you have until Tuesday night

speak up, speak out


3 responses to “SHHHHHH

  1. I’ve had enough with some of this bullshit. Please forgive my bluntness, but that’s just how I feel.
    Sure, I want my program to improve. Big time. But you know what would help make my student experience better (other than sacking the director and asking my opinion for who should replace him, I mean)? Creating a better student community. Yup. I think that should do it. And I think AASA seems to be forgetting that major component of its purpose.
    Yes, I think AASA should have a vote for acting director. Students need representation. But students don’t need a revolution (or at least that’s how I feel). And all of these pseudo-political poems (or whatever they are) are getting to be a little ridiculous.
    I’m not saying AASA should drop the whole “change” thing. I think that’s fantastic. But they should not be dropping everything else for “change’s” sake.
    I look forward to Spirit Week next month, but I do wish AASA had been a little bit more successful this year at fostering the student community, rather than rallying up a small army of revolutionaries.

    • trololololol. I respect your criticism and your comment, dear student. And I agree. Maybe we should focus on happier initiatives. AASA has always been a bit of a ‘party planning’ committee, and that has been (arguably) successful in the past. However, with recent changes in the school, last year’s accreditation team visit along with the continuous complaints and unhappy comments that have been made by students about professors, administration and facilities, AASA decided to lead a more serious direction this year. Our school is great, but the direction is a bit muddy. This is what we wanted to work on, and we felt that the students felt strongly about this (as the forums and discussions held seemed to be quiet successful).
      It is obviously apparent that parties haven’t been as frequent as they used to be. And a big part of that has been due to a lack of houses available to host keggers and what not that have been more frequent in the past (like our first year). But get togethers and gatherings happen naturally anyways. Maybe not as big and crazy as they used to be, but it happens. What has been unsuccessful in the recent past in AASA has been these initiatives for change, and it is time to start to get organized with this aspect of our student group. AASA will always represent the student voice, and should focus on that aspect when necessary.
      I don’t want to pull a Debbo and get all defensive, saying that we’re doing the best we can and whatever. I agree that we should have planned more parties. But I think what we are doing right now — creating these discussions and forums, hosting Professors in The Pit, our First Year Prank and helping out with Milieux — is fostering the student community in a different and powerful way than what we’re used to. Although I am 8000km away from the school, I do sense a great deal of energy bursting out from students that were once passive and thus resulting in something potentially very powerful.
      We could always do more, and of course we aren’t perfect. I’m happy that AASA is being criticized, and I’m glad you’re engaged in everything that’s happening. If you think the student community needs a fix up, please come to an AASA meeting and voice your concerns directly!

      • Haha, everyone needs to pull a Debbo once in a while…
        You’re right, the student body (myself included) is very passionate about the much-needed change in the school, and AASA is doing a great job keeping us organized and focused.
        The change initiative was a great idea from the start, but I think I am just uncomfortable with what it’s become. I get the sense it’s became an us-against-them situation (students vs. faculty, that is) and I don’t think that was the intention of the initiative. I am all for students raising their voices to be heard and to become more involved in decision making within the school of architecture, but what I don’t want is a coup d’état. Unfortunately, I think that’s exactly what some of my peers want.
        In my opinion, a successful “change” would result in completely open dialogue between students and faculty. I’ve met individually with several profs (Debanne, Cazabon, Fascari, etc.) simply to discuss the state of the program (the non-design streams, specifically) and I think the change initiative should be encouraging other students to do the same. I don’t think it should be encouraging students to become so passionately anti-faculty.
        All this will do is lose us what could be our strongest allies.

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