we reserve the right to refuse service

student: uh, AASA, could you place the order for me?

AASA: alright honey, do you know what you want?

student: …

AASA: ok, i know exactly what you want

student:whatever you order is fine with me

AASA: waiter!

waiter looks at them nods and attends to other customers

AASA and student wait patiently for several hours, student doodles on napkins and AASA chats on phone

waiter comes by with order and promptly leaves

student: i didn’t order this! waiter!

AASA begins to unwrap subway sandwich

student: did you know they were going to give us this crap?!

AASA: i did, but i forgot to let you know

waiter brings check, and looks down nose as you see the total

student: $ X,000?!


speak up, speak out


13 responses to “we reserve the right to refuse service

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s dumb, but it’s really difficult to grasp the concept which I’m assuming AASA is trying to make: as in, AASA can only go so far representing what you want, and sometimes they might make mistakes. AASA will try to represent you – but if you want your word out and to be accurately represented, you very much have the power to do so.

    I appreciate the poetics, but it was really confusing to grasp haha 🙂

    Dismissed as “dumb” though?

  2. Well it is an interesting perspective, but AASA does try it’s best to represent the student population. However we do pay $75 to AASA (in our tuition fees) and sometimes it does make me wonder where that is going towards. Student initiatives? So called “social gatherings?”
    We need to speak up for change and seek more initiative 😉

  3. it seems like alex spelled out the dominant meaning of the post.
    but i also think that it is also referring to more than just that
    besides AASA trying to represent and that their power is limited to the amount of student body activity and communication with AASA…
    i think the waiter represents the faculty: putting students as last priority, not asking for their input and basically giving students whatever they see fit
    AASA as the representative student group is limited by student involvement, as they are not a controlling body but rather a tool for the students to use. but AASA is also failing at communication and not doing their job in relaying information from their encounters with faculty to students
    students end up not being happy, complaining, but ultimately equally contributing to their own unhappiness because of their own disinterest, lack of knowledge and voice.
    although a bit too metaphoric, i think it is a bit more powerful by forcing us to think about it rather than just directly preaching their opinions to readers

  4. Dear poet,
    Your thoughts and verses are heard. It seems, to my understanding, after reading your posts that you have very strong opinions in the manner in which things should be handled. Your criticism on the issue of AASA – Student communication is something I personally agree with, and it’s a matter we definitely need help with, we are not perfect. You seem like someone who truly cares and we need more people like you around. I really would love to have a chat with you to bounce ideas from each other. Please if your could reach me at my e-mail: andreachiney@gmail.com, it would be amazing.
    Andrea Chiney

  5. Hello Andrea
    I’m glad to hear that AASA is listening and caring about not just my opinions, but those of the rest of the student body.
    Unfortunately email is not the best way for communication. I would like to maintain my anonymity but also do want to provide some of my own opinions that could help AASA better serve the students. If you can suggest an alternate way of communication where my identity can remain anonymous, I would be more than happy to communicate with you.

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