The Borderlands Studio Invites You to the Border. Friday 5pm in the Pit.

Students in ARCS 5106 are pleased to present the first phase of their studio work.  Working collaboratively, the group has drawn a section through the entire Canadian border.  This follows from the studio title, Borderlands, which seeks to re-imagine the spaces along the U.S.-Canadian frontier.  

The aim is to ask what, exactly, is the contour of Canada?  Do we assume that it exists along its most southern frontier, the line of its most sustained traffic and trade?  Or, is it ever-shifting, following new geographic (or geologic, and thus even geopolitical) contours, such as the race for Arctic oil?  What are limits of international waters (and thus of resources, such as fisheries)?  How do Canadians and their government identify sovereignty and patrimony through regional difference and commonality?  What kinds of markers – landscapes, cities, border crossings, forests, mountain ranges, sea ports, bridges, islands – define the territorial limits of the country as well as its proximities to neighbouring (or even expanding) global powers?

The Borderlands section will be displayed in the Pit on Friday, 10th February, starting at 5:00pm.  We invite all students and faculty to drop by and to step “inside” the country and see the border.


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