everything is fine

professors teach, students learn

i’m happy, you’re happy, we’re all happy

everyone is so proud to be at

carleton the dream school

peel off that cracking veneer

the director is sick and may never return

the acting director has told us to not speak

student initiative is brought up and shut down

carleton alumni is hired and recycled

some faculty do not care

they manipulate colleagues and students

to suit their personal agenda

pushing out the ones who do

in this dirty hole of refuse

of AA carleton politics

they cannot continue to lead the school

down a winding path of inadequacy and inferiority

they have kept us in the dark for too long

but we’re starting to smell it

get together, ask around

turn the few who know into all of us

2 weeks from now the acting director position is open game

the clock is ticking

speak up, speak out


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