Casting – prototypeD Urban Workshops wants YOU

Hey all, prototypeD is shooting a Sci Fi Mini-Movie this coming weekend based on an upcoming book by Bruce Firestone!

We are using all of the skills we learned in Architecture Undergrad and Masters and shooting 18 different live-action scenes in front of 40′ of green screen. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand out at acting, get involved in movie production, or see how CG scenes are developed, filmed, and composited with real-life and CG action, please contact us to find our more.

We have innovated a set of motion tracking systems for camera tracking and are using Blender and After Effects to develop and composite this whole movie.  After the shooting is complete we will be holding classes and lectures on how GPU rendering systems at pD and the new Blender Cycles rendering engine can render a scene at speeds up to 30x faster than using Revit or AutoDesk.

In a variety of roles available, we are holding an open screen test and open audition this Tuesday at 6:00pm at pD (601 Bank Street, unit B1).  If you’re interested to join the cast or the crew, it’ll be a terrific opportunity to get in on an amazing project.

Janak Alford

prototypeD Urban Workshops Inc.


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