Monday November 21, 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes – Nov 21 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes

Monday November 21st, 2011

The Hub


  • All student meeting in two days
  • At the meeting, AASA members, all should know how to answer questions on the report students may bring up at the meeting. It is imperative for everyone to be there
  • Set up- At the pit with the panel and students sit at the step-projection power point on the wall behind the table of AASA members (like the co-op presentation) and the meeting goes:
  • -story of roger’s hiring
  • -explain what is accreditation to first years
  • -the explanation of the report
  • -giving suggestions
  • Give the desk printout of the meeting on Wednesday for upper years
  • First years should have the printout by tomorrow
  • Roger Connah could verify the accreditation report wording for anyone else who wants more clarification
  • Important for the student body to understand that this is their opinion represented.
  • Print the two big ones, a one on the web blog
  • Students should understand the power they have and give Roger’s hiring as an example without using his name
  • Alex-suggest to make a black and white copy draft over the report infogram
  • Have a timeline made to show how the meeting is structured.
    • 6pm-introduction to the accreditation-Cazabon would be emailed to come in to talk
    • 6:15 pm-tell the story of Roger’s hiring process to the student body by a person who was there to witness it
    • 6:30pm- breakdown of the accreditation report
    • 7:00pm- question period by the student body about accreditation report
    • 7:30pm- AASA proposal break down
    • 8:00 question and feedback from the student body
    • Get food for the meeting- Simba and Quayce
    • Please keep in mind that this change would require a great team effort from AASA members
      • Please keep in mind that this change would require a great team effort from AASA members, please be at the pit by five thirty
      • Set up exhibition space- look up with drafting boards to write comments

CASA Meeting

  • Diana would be in class for the meeting and need a replacement on this Wednesday between 6 and 9


  • There needs to be some sort of incentive for the ticket sale
  • Email McGill and Montreal U for posters and tickets sale
  • Charlatan-promo with story on the event with a coloured page


  • Christmas tree to be brought in
  • Gingerbread by Lauren
  • Saturday December 10th to have a gingerbread competition, eggnog chug, Holiday Hooligans
  • ID-cupcake event

Waterloo Planning

  • Came to Babylon and took tours around the school
  • Urbanism students to connect with them

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