Monday November 14, 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes – Nov 14 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes

Monday November 14th, 2011

The Pit

Accreditation Report

  • Kat has revised the responses and translation of the accreditation report
  • November 23rd is an open forum with the entire school to clarify what the accreditation team has said and to have an understanding that this is a serious matter.
  • A large panel (infograph) 3’x12’ to outline every point and translation with interactive wall for students to post their ideas and feedback
  • Thompson need help to make the panel to a web blog


  • Tickets are being sold at the atrium
  • Have students buy their tickets from the atrium from now on to attract students to buy out
  • Have ticket sellers to brand it as a fact that it is an educational event for design, live music, performance, (sweaty_ss exhibition)
  • Have people outside AASA to sell tickets –please write their names and that they are branding this event the same way as AASA members did
  • Hour shifts are recommended to be flexible
  • Taylor- large poster to hang up hanged anywhere.
  • A large film reel photos of previous Kosmics

New member

  • Jeremie –

Waterloo Planning

  • 27 people
  • Potluck on Friday at the Azrieli Pavilion before heading to Babylon
  • Saturday they would like to have a tour by grad student or professor
  • Take them to the Aga Khan for a free tour they have on Saturdays
  • Emily –making a facebook event

Laser cutter

  • Dan would like to come in for a meeting to discuss  about buying one for the students

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