Minutes for Monday’s AASA Meeting

AASA Meeting Minutes – Nov 10th 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

11:00 am

The Pit


  • Cut down shifts for selling tickets to create more time to building installations
  • T-shirts are 22 dollars, place into the AASA office
  • Problems with posters place in non-designated areas.
  • Have Mike print out a large poster with higher quality
  • Slaysh, Normal Clothing- places to sell tickets outside the school
  • Still waiting for bands list to be posted up. Taylor- should have ‘more to come’ on the posters to show there are acts for the event and also to create a more catching poster.
  • Taylor starts to design a large poster
  • Should be reaching out to everyone to come- Diana to send email to CASA members and really sell them the event (Thompson will give a guide)-McGill, Algonquin, Ryerson, Toronto, Waterloo. Group rates given out on request
  • Wyatt- handed out faculty tickets, Phantogram, Death from Above still no response- Updating posters soon, postcard size advertising is underway
  • Taylor- Charrette to figure our the attachment of installations and building
  • Scaffolding-rented for fifty dollars for two weeks to reach to the trusses in the pavilion-pm is Lauren

Waterloo Planning School

  • Events to welcome them
  • Emily- taking them out for a “date “
  • Kat- a potluck in the school and then take them out to the market
  • Should have a rough idea of how many students are coming on this visit
  • November 18th
  • Taking them to the November 18th,  Babylon event to promote Milieux ticket
  • Kat- start a poster to create potluck promotion for the entire school to get involve


  • Diana- working for letters to firms to search for student jobs available and post it on the RAIC website
  • This would be done by mid-March
  • Fundraiser-party for CASA
  • Graduate school-Masters program guide for each school
  • Need contact info from graduate school faculty, survey of studio culture, pictures of projects done
  • Lecture series to be posted from the schools
  • An event in the Montreal-Ottawa region that Carleton is invited to- Diana will be keeping us updated

Accreditation team

  • Please come to a lunch on Saturday November 12, 2011 around eleven to twelve at the conference room next to the computer laboratory
  • This is a chance to bring up issues and how to complete it
  • Changes that are being done could not be done in one year, this is ust a start
  • Talking about the issues brought up from the accreditation board and please read the report to understand the scope of things
  • Open forum with Marco Frascari on December 7th to talk about improving our education

Trunk Swap

  • Carleton ID will be hosting this on Friday November 25th, at 3-6 pm
  • Bring anything of value such as art, clothes, handicrafts etc.
  • Silent auction is also

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