Today’s Meeting Minutes

AASA Meeting Minutes – Oct 31 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes

Monday October 31st, 2011

The Pit


  • Kat is setting up an email with them

Profs in the Pit

  • Novemeber 2nd
  • Please volunteer to setup

Foam Cutters

  • As soon as the bank account is changed then we could purchase

AASA Office

  • Take books to the TDR
  • A moveable space- one is an actual office space with desks and set up
  • Secondary set up is a shared collaborative space with a pin-up wall etc.
  • Actual build should be in January


  • Advertisement for the theme to the entire school and also design-build and installation
  • AASA- Please help out the organization committee –the meeting tomorrow at five thirty
  • Shirts, posters and tickets should get started in the week
  • Advertisement and installations-need two groups to work and present it to Shane. Recruit volunteers
  • Find performance artists within Carleton even- Lauren
  • Submit a file of the poster to the Charletan
  • Use of materials in the apocalypse theme-recycled
  • Risk assessment form to be filled out today
  • A permanent banner to be put up in the blog to link to the website
  • Tickets – to be done for the sale date, which is next Monday, ticket director Jesslyn to make a ticket sale schedule.
  • Schedule board to be done to make an awareness of the event and hold people responsible for their job.
  • Jeff-Blog- comment to help out on the event and also permanent link
  • Emily-making a Facebook event page
  • Lauren- find contortionist and whiteboard schedule
  • Macy & Diana-poster for the Charletan, the poster that Shane has created
  • Simba, Quayce to go around recruiting first years to create installations

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