Monday October, 24, 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes – Oct 24 2011

AASA Meeting Minutes

Monday October 24th, 2011

The Pit

Halloween Party

  • Location business: Venue with a dj would be hosting a party but have not talk to them about inviting the whole school. Emily will talk to them about it.
  • Another location is Babylon or a house -2nd year
  • Help clean up venue for them to be fair
  • Friday October 28, 2011
  • Who would want to do a clean up. Emily will create a schedule to hold those accountable
  • Kat would create a poster


  • They retrieve garbage that is not normally recycled (packaging like candy wrappers, etc) and they find other uses for it (binders, purses) and give money to an organization of your choice. The money is entered into your account
  • Boxes with signs for people to put in their trash
  • Blue bins are an option
  • Kat will be in charge of posters and Andrea will give her information
  • Need someone to work on logistics to contact Terracycle
  • By next meeting, create an account and we will work on what needs to be done.

Foam Cutters

  • Taylor would need to contact someone to purchase it
  • 110 volts needed, shipped from North America, a guide table is needed
  • 80-90 dollars for one unit.  Two table ones for the shop and one hand held one.
  • Search hot-wire foam cutters on Ebay
  • Deadline would be an early studio Christmas present
  •  Keep browsing for the next two weeks-November 7th


  • Journalist ask what are our thoughts about the changes in the school.
  • Mention the pros and cons and the steps been done.
  • Having it at the school was good but it also has a real safety issue with the chaos in the school. Public is involved by coming to see the performances which is a positive.  We need to get the public be involved in the school
  • First years thought it is a positive to have the design-build in the school that to get them excited about their future tenure in the school.
  • Criticism is that the actual crits focused less on the architecture and more on the performances and marionettes
  • Some students feel that it should be more like a workshop.
  • Part of the change is to have the students voice their feedback on the change that is happening.

Carleton Engineering Society

  • Trying to incorporate design students to the activities
  • We are invited to send our students to resume writing workshop
  • Kat would create posters
  • Jeff should post it on the blog

Posters problem

  • They do not want posters on the painted areas of the school


  • Theme: Apocalypse
  • Shane: Architecture for Humanity, is thinking that it is counteract positivity the charity represents. The general public believes it is exciting and feels optimistic about the theme and fit their costumes and designs to the theme.
  • Strongly encourage the theme in the advertisement
  •  When is the next meeting:
  • Emails out for design ideas
  • Budget for installations
  • Get image done to create tickets, t-shirts for promotion and fundraising
  • Get proposals for bands
  • Sponsors-ideas for sponsors please email to Shane
  • Kat: please set up a calendar with deadlines as we have five weeks left.
  • Aberdeen is set and need to allocate the places that needs to be designed.
  • Please let AASA members to help with design, administration
  • List of things donated to Milieux like form the theatres or kijiji
  • Something bold to design the spaces

2 responses to “Monday October, 24, 2011

  1. unrelated, but: i am really interested in seeing the urbanism project that recently won a prize and has something to do with the netherlands and the mayor of ottawa! sounds sweet and i want to see what type of work wins these accolades. also, would love to see some pics of the studio marionette projects!

    have a safe, non-racist halloween!!

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