Minutes for Monday’s AASA Meeting

AASA Meeting Minutes – Oct 17 2011

The Pit

Fai Cup

  • Second Years Congratulations

Profs in the Pit

  • Need volunteers to set up for the chairs
  • Tracking the profs down to tell them
  • Race takes care of technical’s

Foam Cutters

  • Table saw format, 12 by 14 size
  • Two in the shop 80-90 dollars each

Halloween Party

  • Venue: Babylon –revenue tickets to us and drinks to them
  • House Party with kegs

Shitty One Minute

  • Keeping Shitty minute in spirit week next semester

Make- Your Own Sushi

  • Andrea- I will show how to make your own sushi for a fundraiser
  • Date: Monday November Seventh


  • Babylon- Would like to make an installation to promote the event
  • Shane: Different colour card stock with the name to have people to pull it off
  • Need to build a simple wood strips
  • Commitment to spend an hour to work on the promotional thing.
  • Come in on the morning at ten
  • Free coffee for volunteers

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