3rd Year Marionette Theatres


This year as an alternative to the traditional Dinner is Served pavilions, the third year design + build project is a marionette theatre. In the first phase of the project, teams of two analyzed an old folklore story and designed panels which showed their interpretation of the story and how it could be portrayed in a theatre. There were many different ideas hanging, projected and played with in the upper street this week (some are still in their place if you have not yet seen them), and the favourites were chosen to be built. Final theatre presentations are to take place October 21st in the pit.

What do you think of this new third year project so far?


2 responses to “3rd Year Marionette Theatres

  1. i think the marionnette theater is harder than a pavilion. that is, if you follow all the rules and try to stick with the concept.

    and not everyone likes making demonic marionettes. but I do. but not everyone

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