First Year Labyrinths

This week, the first years pinned up their second drawing assignment for the year.  Students were asked to build a model of a labyrinth and draw their created model.  This is all part of the new drawing course taught by Federica Goffi.  It’s quite a difference from the 12×18″ concrete wall sections previous Carleton students had to draw.  There’s no 45 degree rendering law here.  Some of them are already introducing colour into their work.

Change is clearly happening in the curriculum, but years of tradition seem to be lost in exchange.  How do you feel about this year’s drawing course? What do first years think? What do the upper years think? Do upper years’ opinions even matter?

Please share your thoughts.


4 responses to “First Year Labyrinths

  1. We are all scared of change. Yet we crave change because it keeps us interested and excited. The irony becomes apparent when we try to defend one position only. As with all examples of evolution, we must approach this one with caution and with love: let us show interest in the new work, let us ask questions and let us approach the pinned up work with curiosity. Ignored, any new creature can wither and die or worse, cause damage. Though I doubt that this new curriculum will hurt our school, I think it has potential all of us can tap in to.

  2. I miss concrete week cause you get to meet all the first years!! and in first year I met so many upper years cause they would give you tips or just waddle around drunkenly. It was something all the upper years had done and had stories about. I also learnt the layout of the school super fast.

    I think I’m sad to see it go cause I feel like we loose a bit of tradition, maybe it was getting stale though?

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