K O S M I C for ArchitectureforHumanity

Kosmic is becoming a fundraiser for Architecture for humanity

What is Architecture for humanity? Take a look at this video.

Cameron Sinclair – founder of Architecture for humanity


3 responses to “K O S M I C for ArchitectureforHumanity

  1. Absolutely inspirational. I think as architects (or anyone for that matter) it’s important to ask yourselves, “what is your cause?”. Architecture as a profession has the ability to truly become beautiful, meaningful, and not only for the people you design for, but also in its ability to bring deep meaning into your world and your personal practice. I’d humbly suggest, to take this opportunity to really deeply think about your potential as an architect, and how you can apply these amazing humanitarian skills to make the world a better place. Whether it’s at the scale of applying your influence through commercial architecture firms – or if it’s for its own worldly and philanthropic vision to help those in need. Regardless of the scale, it’s important to know that from your education you are unlocking amazing professional skills – thus comes the responsibility to use your skills towards the betterment of our world. Architecture gives to humanity. And knowing your cause, can bring you closer towards creating meaningful and rewarding life within architecture’s practice.

    Cheers to the amazing individuals within our school, and let’s make this Kosmic unforgettable as it contributes to such a beautiful noble cause and respectable organization!

  2. Hi, I am the co-presient of the Ottawa Chapter for Architecture for Humanity.
    I didn’t realize that you were interested in being a part of AfH, could you please contact me.
    I am a second year Masters student at Carleton.

    Brynne Campbell

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