Prof Presentations

As part of the ongoing discussion and re-structuring of the school, Professors in the Pit is an invitation to professors to present their research and/or work to the student body.
We intend this to begin an open dialogue within the school of Architecture. This will give students a better idea of what each faculty member has to offer to the school and their own interests.

Presentations are proposed as 6 minutes long on research and/or a selected project, followed by a 5 minute Q&A period directed by the student panel (TBD for each specific event).

Presentations will take place Wednesdays beginning the end of September through November from 12:30-1:30pm in the Pit. Schedule to be announced soon.

Student Coordinators: Emily Brett, Thompson Nguyen, Andrea Chiney
Faculty Coordinator (Moderator): Roger Connah

More info to come!


2 responses to “Prof Presentations

  1. this is a super idea! wish i could see it all! but 6 minutes?! so short!! doesn’t it take longer than that to get people to congregate and then stop talking? how about 15?

    those quickie TED talks are great though, so i understand

    thanks, E. T. & A. whoop!

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