migrating landscapes (you+the venice biennale)

Register (by september 15th!): migratinglandscapes.ca

Migrating Landscapes will act as a forum for Canadian architects and designers to investigate, provoke, document and expose the unique manifestations of cultural memory that overlay Canada today and how it  might emerge in the future. MLO will design a ‘new landscape’ – an abstract exhibition infrastructure – and will invite, through a national competition, young Canadian architects and designers to design ‘dwellings’ based on their cultural memories. The invitation is an enactment of ‘settling-unsettling’, and the dwellings will discuss various forms of migrated memories ‘settled-unsettled’ into the ‘new landscape’. The dwellings and the landscape, together, will form the exhibition at Venice 2012.

During the three-month stay in Venice, Migrating Landscapes will offer visitors a view into how migrated memories – their own and others – are registered as part of Canada’s topography, a unique view into Canada’s past, present and future.  After Venice, parts of Migrating Landscapes will be disassembled and sent out into the world

Your work in the Venice Biennale, and then all over the world.  Do it up!

-kristina M2


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