Computer Room ETTIQUETTE

Now that the end of the semester has rolled around, tensions are high and the computer labs are packed…Here are some guidelines for those of you who insist on being inconsiderate slobs.

1. If you must eat, eat a SNACK. And clean up after yourself. Don’t eat your smelly meal next to someone who is actually trying to do work.

2. If you need to render, USE ONE COMPUTER, ya jerk!

3. Which brings me to the next point…STOP LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER LOGGED IN AND LEAVING FOR HOURS. Other people need to use it. You are officially an asshole, if this is how you roll.

4. The computer labs are not the place for your love to flourish/die. Keep your fights and PDA’s to your own studio bay at least.

5. Same goes for those people who talk very loudly (and like valley girls) about their inane lives. Shut up! Nobody cares.


3 responses to “Computer Room ETTIQUETTE

  1. Can I add, please clean up your garbage when you leave or as you create it. Mike was going to close the print lab yesterday because there was a bunch of garbage left behind overnight. It’s not fair to leave your garbage for others to clean up.

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