2011 Pritzker Prize Winner: Eduardo Souto de Moura

[I know this was announced last week, but for those who have yet to come across this semi-brand spanking new information]

On March 28, 2011 it was announced that Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura had been chosen to receive the recognition of being the 2011 Pritzker Prize winner.

Moura is the second architect to helm from Portugal to receive the honour, the second being Álvaro Siza (Viva Portu!). To view some of Moura’s work click the source to find access to Pritzker’s Photo Media Kit, Text Media Kit and Selected Works Gallery.

Excerpts from Text Media Kit:

“Often described as a “Miesian architect,” the jury acknowledged this influence with the words, “He has the confidence to use stone that is a thousand years old or to take inspiration from a modern detail by Mies van der Rohe.”

“During the past three decades, Portuguese architect Eduardo Souta de Moura has produced a body of work that is of our time but also carries echoes of architectural traditions.  His oeuvre is convincing proof of modern idiom’s expressive potential and adaptability to distinct local situations.  Always mindful of context, understood in the broadest sense, and grounded in place, time, and function, Souto de Moura’s architecture reinforces a sense of history while expanding the range of contemporary expression. “



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