Shitty One Minute Movies – JUDGES PANEL

Hey everyone. Just a reminder about the looming due date for movie submissions! SUNDAY THE 13TH! That gives you all weekend to make a great/awful movie. If you hand it it on MONDAY MORNING THE 14TH that is sort of okay, too. But we need them in on time so we can have them ready for the festival!

Did you hear? The year with the most submissions will win a PIZZA PARTY! <–click.  Who’s it gonna be?

Also, there will be prizes for the top 3 shitty movies!! One of the prizes includes this lovely book:

Who will be the winner? The judges will be the ones to decide!

Presenting… THE PANELISTS!

HoNoRaTa PiEnKoWsKa

cEdRiC bOuLeT

ShErYl BoYlE

jAnAk aLfOrD

and SaRaH aNnE fLeMmInG


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