Marco Frascari Lecture


A z r i e l i S c h o o l o f A r c h i t e c t u r e & U r b a n i s m

M a r c h 9TH 2011 – 1.30 p

“The neuro-dynamics of architectural thinking: bodies, brains and taccuini”

The lecture presents an investigation of the extended mind of architects by analysing the role of the sketchbooks in architectural thinking. The architect brainpower is composed of brain, body and an extended mind that utilizes a set of tools, drawings, models and sketchbooks. This is paradigm shift provides a new framework to replace the dualism that has been handed down from Descartes onwards. This study falls within what it is called neuroarchitecture. Neuroarchitecture is an understanding of architecture that focuses on how certain architectural factors like space, light, room, layout, structures, materiality and building detail can impact and influence the physical, the psychological, the intellectual and the cognitive well-being of a person, furthermore it refers also to the tools used to deal with the processes of architectural conceiving influenced by certain brain and body processes such as those involved in stress, emotion, and memory.


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