Firm Profiles: NORR Ltd. Architects and Engineers

NORR Limited Architects and Engineers is a multi-disciplinary firm with offices in 12 different cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Calgary, and Dubai.

These firm profiles is a series that will give you some information on practicing architects and their offices.  The process involves interviewing an architect and inquiring about his/her firm and practice.

I met Andrew Butler, one of the principal architects in the Ottawa office at a co-op networking night.  We persisted to bug him about co-op placements and extended our persistence to request a tour of the office in Ottawa.  Along with my peers – Emily, Nick, Antuane and Camille – we headed to NORR Ltd. on Murray St.

The NORR Office in Ottawa is a small office comprised of about 30 people. Their portfolio mainly consists of commercial projects, including the world’s tallest building in Dubai (the Burj Khalifa).  They do very diverse work with their collaborating with engineers and architects in the office.

Programs used at NORR include Google SketchUp, Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.

We sat down with Andrew in the meeting room and bounced a few questions back and forth about what he was looking for in terms of students.  Specifically we asked what he wanted to see in our portfolio.  He mentioned that 3D modeling was essential, some CAD drawings, design experience, and some Revit wouldn’t hurt.

He also mentioned to edit our portfolios viciously. Only show the best photos. There is no time to show unhelpful filler images.

These were very basic tips that you would really hear from anyone in the field, so having Andrew reiterate this advice just strengthened the value.

Carleton Archies would like to extend a great big Thank You to NORR and Andrew Butler for taking time out of his busy day to help us!


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