Master Planning at the Glebe Community Centre

Just a week before the winter break, a few students from architecture –  along with Urbanism professor Jim Mountain – hosted a master planning workshop at the Glebe Community Centre.

On December 14th 2010, The workshop was attended by approximately 40 kids of the Glebe CC, ages 5-12.  4th year architecture student Alex Chong, along with his peers Julie A (3rd yr), Andrea Chiney (2nd yr), Don Dimanlig (2nd yr), Lucas Goerzen (2nd yr) and Thompson Nguyen (2nd yr), collaborated with the children of the Glebe CC in planning their idea vision for their neighbourhood.  What did the kids like about the Glebe? What did they want to keep? What did they want changed?  The workshop was a dialogue for urban planning with the residents that would grow up and realize the future of the Glebe.

Popular ideas for the neighbouthood were to have Robot Butlers roaming the streets, hovering vehicles for transportation, a tube-in-the-sky transit system,  and many more futuristic proposals.

As exams and projects were plaguing the students of Building 22, this workshop was found to be an extremely relieving break for Chong and his peers. The kids’ enthusiasm and ability to create was inspiring.  Nothing could stop their rush of ideas. This was a reminder for the design students to keep this innocent creativity alive.


2 responses to “Master Planning at the Glebe Community Centre

  1. Thanks Thompson for posting this up! If anyone’s curious about the fascinating outcomes of this project, come find me and I’ll be happy to share. After this project was conducted, it developed some interesting insight on the creative process, and community building methodologies that can be implemented with adults. Children are fascinating, it’s amazing how much we can learn through their creative energy!

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