Messages from AASA

Hey boys and girls,

There’s a few messages that need to be brought out to the public:

Need a projector?
AASA would like to put it out there that if you’re in need of a projector, we’ve got one to lend. Just find one of our lovely members and ask if you can borrow our equipment.

Got any awesome ideas?
We are looking for proposals for student initiatives in the school. If you have an awesome idea that you think would benefit the school, but you’re not sure how to start, let us know! AASA loves you, and we’re here to serve the students.
Feel free to comment or email one of us. Just be reasonable with your ideas. We’ll take you as seriously as you take this message.

Alrighty, hope everyone’s enjoying the freezing rain!


3 responses to “Messages from AASA

  1. a cutting room. (walls, ceiling, floors. all cutting matts)

    a model shooting room. half-white. half black. and the corners would be rounded.

    the 5th floor?

    and a shower

    • Munira, I like what you’re saying about a forum… but isn’t studio a forum in itself? I know having an online space would be convenient, but if you have anything tips you want to share you could always post here on the blog.

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