22 Question : Don Dimanlig

Carleton University,Building 22, 9:30pm, 2nd year studio.

I’m sitting in front of  20 year old, 2nd year architecture student, Don Dimanlig. He is wearing a t-shirt designed by himself and a pair of chunky headphones that have an i-pod nano taped to one side. Don is probably one of the most well known students in building 22, since his successful beginnings in first year, nothing seems able to stop him. Not even lack of sleep or … health and safety officers. He is one of two people to ever win the Murray-Murray award in first year, the winner of last year’s shitty one minute movie contest and current illustrator for Carleton’s news paper The Charlatan. You might think that all the success would go up straight to his head, but Don is one of the most grounded and kind hearted individuals roaming around the building. Here are the answer to your questions.

Aandrea Chiney: Why Architecture ?

Don Dimanlig: Well, it started when I started drawing technical drawings in my high school. I just really like drawing maylines (…) with maylines! And set-squares. I never really liked drawing houses …  I just ended up loving it after a few years. And I wanted to make money with my art and that’s the only job available that actually gets you money instead of … other art jobs.

AC: Plastic or metal ruler?

DD: Oh … ah… wait, let me think … Plastic! Because you can see through it and its easier when you’re drawing. You can see what’s underneath. Mhm.

AC: What was your first zero ?

DD: First zero was of course nothings, I think that’s when everyone has their first zero.

AC: X-box or PS3 ?

DD: oh! Play Station allllllllllll the wayyyyyy. Yah, no X-box.

AC: Why does architecture suck ?

DD: Because Gaudi is dead.

AC: One word to describe yourself

DD: oh … that’s hard. I’ll get back to you on that.

AC: Favorite Architect?

DD: Gaudi! yeah, that guy

AC: If not Architecture what ?

DD: Cartoonist or comic book guy, comic book maker or illustrator … Comic book illustrator

AC: Locker sideways or upright?

DD: Oh, sideways. You can put more stuff on it.

AC: Would you rather Tyler Fissel or Peteris Lasovski ?


AC: it’s a question! You have to answer it.

DD: ( Confused) Peter, because we always joke about it ? HAHAHAHAH, Would you rather what ? OMG, What happened to the question ?

– 5 minutes of laughing –

AC: ok, Whats the most romantic thing you’ve ever done ?

DD: I … I dunno, I’ve always painted my girlfriend. Our first kiss was at the airport. I dunno, I always made videos with animation and music, that could be it.

AC: What’s something you’re ashamed of ?

DD: I am ashamed of … let’s pause it and think. I am ashamed of me being … Ahhhh!, I have a lot of things I am ashamed of.  I can’t think of one thing.

AC: One thing, tell me one thing.

DD: I dunno … I’m slow. Takes me a long time to think about something before doing it. Like Hamlet!

AC: What’s something you’re proud of ?

DD: I am proud of the fact that people come to me and ask for help, definitely that one.

AC: What would you say if you met God ?

DD: Who stole my camera ?

AC: hahahah

DD: I’m serious!

AC: ok, Explain the first time you got drunk

DD: it was the October fest, from Germany, except the Filipino version. So I drank and ended up just dancing on the street. I was 15.

AC: What’s your craziest childhood story or adventure ?

DD: I broke my arm once when I was climbing jungle gyms, it was my drawing arm so I didn’t even notice until I started drawing. I was maybe … 5 ?

AC: Would you rather have Fai’s body or Dave’s humor ?

DD: haha, I don’t even like Fai’s body, I don’t see it. Only girls see it. So, I dunno … I like my body so I’ll just have Dave’s humor, it’s not humor is grimness. Dave’s smarts … I’ll have Fai’s hair though.

AC: Favorite song?

DD: November rain

AC: Best place to hook up in a building ?

DD: Oh, um … Studio when no one else is here. On a table. When you’re the only ones pulling an all nighter. Can’t be somewhere hidden, it’s more exciting if it’s in studio in the middle of the room.

AC: Where do you seek inspiration ?

DD: Dreams!, I dream about it.

AC: Define ergonomic

DD: Left handed SLR

AC: One piece of advice for first years

DD: You should enjoy what you’re doing, because if you’re not enjoying this … i mean drawing, this is not for you. Or learn to love it.

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!


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