22 Questions

This is officially our first “22 Questions” post!

It basically works like this, every Tuesday we will be posting a piece of paper on every year’s studio bay for you to write down a question, you would like to ask to the character of the week. The list will be taken down on Wednesday and 22 questions will be picked. One of the editors then, will seat down with the character of the week, ask these questions and post the interview on Blog22 (being as accurate as possible, and including every giggle and brain fart that might happen during the questioning)  We will be interviewing students as well as teachers and guest lecturers (hopefully).

This week’s character of the week is the Winner of the Murray-Murray 2009, winner of the Shitty one minute movie 2009, current illustrator for The Charlatan and recently claimed school hero for chasing after laptop stealer: Don Dinmanlig

Remember!, The list will be posted in studio this Tuesday so don’t forget to write down those questions! and even if you’re not in studio, it won’t hurt to come by … especially when studio people are nice people to hang around.



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