A new beginning…

Welcome to Blog22!

This digital space aims to inspire the students of Building 22 by posting daily findings that are awesome in every sense.

We will will showcase the work of students that are locked up in studio to the world.

We will be interviewing students to share their ideas and their stories. Wewant architecture to leave the building as well as stay inside of its home.

We will post what’s going on within this home of ours – from our sloppy parties to our semi-sophisticated book launches.  We want to document the amazing events that give our school a little bit more culture.

We will also post what’s up outside of our school, too.  Blog22 will show you other architecture-related or just artsy events going on in Ottawa that you have to check out.  From the Moshe Safdie exhibit to other inspiring lectures, we’ll get it covered.

Blog22 is also sexy. You’ll love it. Save it on your toolbar.

Do you have something to share? A cool link? An interesting article? A story? Maybe some work? Feel free to contact one of our editors.

Stay tuned!

– TN


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